by Souls

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Debut full length recorded in Scotland, SD by Jeremy Schaeffer/All Poetic Audio.
Mastered by Alan Douches/West West Side Music.


released March 29, 2014

Brian Ireland : Guitar
Chris Englebert : Vocals
Shawn Collins : Drums
Nic Montgomery : Bass/Backing Vocals

Additional writing credits noted in songs.



all rights reserved



Black Hills, South Dakota


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Track Name: Frontiers
Throwing my life like grains of sand to the wind // We carried this hand in hand //
The perspiration from yours compromised my grip, compromised our grip //
I woke up everyday screaming: "get me the fuck out." //
The world's spinning and I'm starting to forget // Days numbering, skin wrinkling, still I feel I've done nothing to impress // Guilt tearing up my insides // Guilt tearing up my insides //
I have no ground to stand upon and I'm watching you run as fast as you can away from this
// Nails digging into my palms // Nights spent clawing through my skin
Tearing these sheets to pieces, drenched in sweat.
I can't count the number of times ive spent my nights like this.
I crawled in the devil's bed just so I could sleep.
So I guess this is our disconnect // So I guess this is my discontent.
Track Name: Swallowed Sins
Circles and cycles of the same thing.
Repeated, handed back and forth.
You're praying for a way out, but no one hears you.
You'll never leave this place.
You'll stay the same, in the same. This town will break your soul and this world will break your heart.
Spite fills me to the brim.
Your soul rots you, your heart eats you, your life beats you.
Spitting blood from the tongue Ive nearly bitten in two. The iron taste consumes my mouth.
Track Name: Starved Blind
The more I feed this, the more it eats me alive.
Standing alone in a turned field with black clouds and vultures
circling the skies, dark woods harboring ravenous wolves.
This is where I have mastered the art of resenting myself. Impatiently and frantically destroying everything I love. Hollowing me out into an empty shell. Emotionless. Lifeless. Uninspired by a world that bends to break me.
Patience as thin as the air the I breathe. Wearing me down.
Track Name: Desmadre
Sink into yourself, that place you hate to be. That person you hate to see.
Its all you've ever known.
That weight tugging at your heart is all that love you'd said you lost.
I spend my days writing songs you'll never read. I spend my nights dreaming of a life you'll never need.
The pit in my stomach aches more and more every day. I feel one of these days it will consume me.
That light at the end is beginning to burnout, its just as the love in you is filling with more and more doubt.
Sink into yourself, that person you hate to see.
Track Name: Bitter and Broken
A man with nothing has nothing left to lose.
Retracing each footstep he misplaced. Everyday where he went wrong.
He watches as his life crashes down, all around.
He walks the path of the tattered and torn.
He walks this path, but not alone.
Not sure of a faith, not sure of certainty, not sure of a fucking thing.
His bones ache in this bitter cold. Every bit of his dreams pushing distances he could never reach.

His nerves consuming him. The debts adding up. The fear of losing what he created weighs him down. A man’s stride so strong broken by those so weak.
“With a father so proud and a son who never forgets."
Track Name: City Lights
Watching these days go by, with that same empty feeling.
This desperation sinks in on me. Walking a pace im not used to.Feeling constant insignificance, utter disparity and a loss for all sense of direction.
In a place I hate to love. Faster and faster it grows on me, Digging into my skull. These walls feel as if they are beginning to narrow. Im so tired and all I want is to sleep forever. Through everything, let it all pass me by. My heart is too worn to continue with these words, writing these songs.
My lungs ache at the end of the night.
And I cant help but wonder if screaming my lungs out is getting me where I want.

When pen on paper just isn't cutting it and plagiarizing another love song is so hard, when I never wrote a love song to begin with.
Track Name: Guilty Hearts
Nights when that feeling comes rushing right back.
That 1 am staring at the ceiling until it spins.
Ive built a home for the shallow. Join me and we'll drown.
Hanging by the skin of my teeth. I can feel them breaking at the roots.
The grit, the grind, the panic, the ache.
The rest will show their teeth. Turning their knuckles white.
We'll mend our hearts in these hills where there is enough shade to keep us safe.
Remind me who we are.
Tie our hands and let us drown.
Track Name: Woodrow
When I looked into your eyes, I saw an emptiness I knew could never be filled. A desire for something you don't deserve. Your heart is beating at a feverous pace, your anxieties are eating through your skin like acid. Shivers, tremors, and night terrors become commonplace. Cover yourself up with the sheets. Pretend the world outside doesn't exist.
Id rather you kick my teeth in. Id swallow them whole, scratching at my throat.
Im losing faith in losing faith in you.
Track Name: Dark Nights, Rotting Floorboards
I'll never be someone to have faith in. Ill always be your empty sky.
The only familiar feeling I know is the guilt from the feelings I don't have for you.
I can count the wrinkles in this ceiling, it's collapsing faster than I am and the foundation wasn't very sturdy from the beginning.
My mind buries skeletons in the deepest depths; out of reach.
These trembling hands are too weak to ever tell you I didn't love you all those nights, they can't hold you. You fall like water from my fingertips.
Wrap the chains around my legs, pull me in. Drag me under.
Down here beneath these stairs lies a box, constructed of leather. It contains a note I left for you. I wrote it in blood.